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General Gaskell yelling at the statue of the Sacred Ancestor

"Invitees" (originally Seven "invitees"): Greater Nobles summoned by General Gaskell to slay D . All seven are likewise resurrected Nobility. In the order of their appearance they are: Baron Schuma, Major General Gillis, the Duke of Xenon, Madame Laurencin, Lady Ann, Grand Duke Mehmet, and Dr. Gretchen. In the end, Lord Rocambole is added to their ranks.

However, the names inscribed on the tablet held by the stone statue of the Sacred Ancestor in Castle Gaskell, and the name that is illegible until the very end is a most unexpected person. Ultimately, neither the invitees nor the General who summons them ever learn the reason for what they do.

Dark Road[]

"Just one more......if i had just one more life....I could Slay D."

"No!  This can't be!"

As General Gaskell cried out, his eyes bulged, for he'd read the letters on the stone slate. And he'd been able to distinguish on its surface the Seventh Name that until ten seconds ago had been worn away.

Baron Schuma

Madame Laurencin

Grand Duke Mehmet

Roland,the Duke of Xenon

Dr. Gretchen

Lord Rocambole


The Great General Gaskell called out the last name.