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Vampire hunter D- Message From Mars Hardcover 5 comic collection edition kickstarter logo.png
As per the new message from VHD the Series via Scott McLean: The Vampire Hunter D: Message from Mars Hardcover Collector's Edition(This will collect all of the Vampire Hunter D: Message from Mars comics series including Vampire Hunter D: Message from Mars 1 that was released by Stranger Comics) will be available on Kickstarter next week on Wednesday January 26th at 8:00 a.m. Pacific time. There will be a free art print for backers in the first 24 hours. This is a one time kickstarter available to be purchased. Retail won't be available for this hardcover until a later date when they can partner with a publisher to bring it out through those channels.

The prelaunch page for the kickstater:

VHD Message From Mars Free Print.png
Well after the first day I have to say things are not going well. Its heart breaking to see it........uh yeah right! HOLY Frijoles! You guys are serious! The first day blasted through the first goal of being fully funded in under 2 hours! Then not only stopped there just bulldozed through uh 5.....7? 10? Who can count anymore worth of stretch goals. I think we can ask VHD the Series to print this stuff on 24 carrot gold paper soon with 23 days left at this rate. You guys are amazing!

Stretch Goals .png
Looks like we are well on the way to One Hundred Fifty Thousand as it stands! Annnnnnnnnd blew past that! Now we are on our way to Two Hundred Fifty Thousand!!!! Which is blown through yet again!!! We are now WELL on our way to a big milestone of Three hundred Thousand!! To commemorate that the stretch goal looks particularly impressive with 15 new prints given to us as thanks!! Do your two hundred fifty thousand dollar dance with a twist and slide added and tell others to hurry up and join in this train is gonna keep moving like a certain Grand Duke Drago and its not stopping for anyone!!!! We still haven't even reached the half way point yet lets keep it moving!!!

We are now just a little past the half way point and rocketed past the Three Hundred Thousand mark, and well on the way to Three Hundred Fifty Thousand!!! Ten times the initial goal to fund the project!! Annnnnd then we blew past it to now surpassing 14 times the original!!! Four Hundred and Twenty thousand!!! I don't know about you but my dance is getting rather sophisticated with adding my new mark on top of the others to commemorate it!! No new stretch goals but with all the goals reached already its more than enticing even for newcomers to the series to take notice and jump right in! ONLY 6 HOURS LEFT!!!! GET ON IT DOG GONE IT!!! If you haven't gotten yours yet don't miss out if you can!

The Noble Greylancer english official translator Takami Nieda in response to a fan and wiki member has confirmed that more titles in the series that have already been published in japan can be translated and published officially in English and released!

Takami Nieda greylancer translator on twitter.png

As said in order for this to happen though FANS MUST INQUIRE ABOUT IT!

Another thing to consider inquiring about is another series that has yet to be translated as well that maybe many are not aware of known as Dhampir Hunting with the beautiful Olivia Cross who is the main character in the series who seems to be a female Dhampir much like D!

Olivia Cross Dhampir Hunting.png

So I implore fans to flood the e-mail and twitter feeds and express how much you want these series translated!

I would suggest in the subject line Putting both The Noble Greylancer: Blood of a Hero and Vampire Hunter Gaiden: Dhampir Hunting to make your message clear to them you want them translated ASAP!

Even if you e-mailed them already and forgot about the harm e-mailing them or messaging them again.....and again.

There is one thing I think most fans are feeling most is being tired of waiting for more releases....

Well channel that feeling here!

Contacts: email:


Series art creator Yoshitaka Amano and the creators of Resident Evil are teaming up for a new animated series called Gibiate:


[GIBIATE] The Animation PV

The series seems to be set in Japan in the year 2030 where an ongoing apocalypse is happening in the form of a virus that is spreading across the world turning people into various monstrosities. This Gibia virus as its named, is very radical, varying in its reaction when in contact with people based on age, sex, race. Unlike D though, the main protagonist is not one(or two) but three, two from the past traveling seemingly in time to this era from Edo Japan to meet the third. This trio comes in the form of a dual sword wielding samurai named Kanzaki Sensui, and a half blood named Kathleen who is an assistant to a prominent doctor, and a ninja named Sanad Kenroku.

Gibiate introduction.png
Gibiate staff.png

This was announced at Anime Expo 2019 set to release in 2020 as it says here in the article:

The official site for it is here:

The official twitter also posted the trailer for it and may give more updates here:

Here some more on the characters found on the site:

Giabate Characters.png

Message from Mars cover 2.jpg

Stranger Comics is taking pre orders directly through your local comic book shop NOW!

Just take the code and give it to them and they can place an order for your Message From Mars Comic!

As seen on the face book page:

PreOrder available now! Vampire Hunter D written by Brandon Easton (#AgentCarter, #MASK). Art by Michael Broussard (#Artifacts, #TheDarkness). Variants by Jae Lee (#DarkTower, #Wolverine) and ArtGerm (#HarleyQuinn, #WonderWoman). Tell your local comic shop the dhampir has returned.

PreOrder Code for:

Cover A by Michael Broussard SEP161905
Cover B by Jae Lee SEP161906
Sketch Blank SEP161907

Vampire Hunter D issue #2 (cover A by Michael Broussard and cover B by Jae Lee) can be Pre-Ordered now at a DISCOUNT at MidtownComics! You had until October 20 to Pre-Order issue 1 the codes may be used for ordering(not confirmed).

Hyoung Taek Nam cover can be ordered here:

They can also be ordered here:


So it begins...

This article or section contains information about scheduled or expected future product(s).
It is likely to contain information of a speculative nature and the content may change dramatically as the product release approaches and more information becomes available.

Concept art piece by Christopher Shy

Vampire Hunter D: Message from Mars Announced!

Vampire Hunter D: Message from Marsalso referred to as Vampire Hunter D: Message from Cecil is an up and coming comic book adaptation of "Message from Cecile", an unpublished Hideyuki Kikuchi short story never before released in english. This story was only published for a fan event in Japan and will make it's English debut in this comic book series published by Stranger Comics.


VHD Message From Mars Preview!


Vampire Hunter D: Resurrection Announced! 

Vampire Hunter D: Resurrection, also referred to as Vampire Hunter D: The Series is an up coming CG animated series based on Hideyuki Kikuchi's novels.


Hideyuki Kikuchi Interview


Yoshiaki Kawajiri Interview


Vampire Hunter D Resurrection (Anime Expo 2015)-0

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Vampire Hunter D (PS1) Boss 8 Carmila (Female Vampire) - No Damage


Digital Manga - Hideyuki Kikuchi's Vampire Hunter D Vol. 1

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Update July 9, 2019!

Ryan Benjamin number 1 page three.jpg

The work on the comic is coming to a completion of the series according to the latest update from VHD the Series own Scott McLean and Kurt Rauer. A surprise addition is that we will be getting a redone Message from Mars number one comic from work by Ryan Benjamin which is shown in the preview picture. There are only some last bits left in tying things up such as notes, edits, and revisions, particularly any feedback from Hideyuki Kikuchi.

The full update is here:

Long before Ryan started work on Message from Mars, he and Underworld scribe Kevin Grevioux we're working on their original series, Brother's Bond, which they published via Webtoons. Their Eisner nominated series is now getting a collected print edition and the campaign launched today on Kickstarter.

You can check it out here -

Ryan is closing in on finishing the art for the Vampire Hunter D: Message from Mars series. We still have to leave time for notes, edits, and revisions, particularly any feedback from Kikuchi-san, but we're closing in on being ready to print. Over the coming weeks, we'll be posting more art previews, likely starting after San Diego Comic-Con(which is next week).

We also want to make sure everyone is aware that Ryan has redone issue 1, so that the collected edition will seamlessly flow together.

Update Feburary 22 2018!

Ryan Benjamin VHD Message from mars comic number 2 color preview d-face-1.jpg

The comic is officially moving forward with veteran artists Ryan Benjamin and Richard Friend! They will be replacing Micheal Broussard in the main artist capacity. Its said Micheal Broussard is having some family illness to take care of. Well wishes, thoughts, and prayers go out to him and his family.

You can view some stunning preview art by them on the Vampire Hunter D: Message from Mars page! You can also check out the article here:

The pilot for Vampire hunter D the series is being put together and worked on written by Brandon Easton and may soon be released! The Pilot is based on and adapted from the Mysterious Journey to the North Sea!!! Now remember this is ONLY the pilot! Whether or not the series actually begins here is still unknown!

Update November 5th 2016!

VHD launch party Flyer.jpg

Message from VHD The Series:

If you're in the Los Angeles area, come out and join us for the launch party on Nov 12th!

Update July 9 2016!

VHD now a comic.png

Vampire Hunter D is now a comic officially! NUFF SAID!(yes Stan Lee Will be making an Appearance...^_^)

Update June 30th 2016!

VHD Message From Mars D Cyborg Horse Alt 2.PNG

The first ever Vampire Hunter D comic book, based on the short story by Hideyuki Kikuchi, Message from Cecile. This story has never before been translated. Check out the link blow to see how you can get the first issue and some brand new Vampire Hunter D merchandise. Also click here to go to the news page to check out more information on this.

Update March 9th 2016!

Left Hand 3d print out.png

Need a hand? The Resurrection Team is making a 3d print out design for LEFT HAND to give away! Check out for details as we get them!

Check out news on Vampire Hunter D: Resurrection!

Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust gets a Blu Ray release!

More news...