"You and I are truly fated to battle for all eternity in this bloody conflict, denied both death and life. What have I imparted to you...My only success?"
Sacred Ancestor[[ARMAGEDDON|[src]]]

"All these things were determined long ago by a majestic will." ―General Gaskell

Imprinted in the Sacred Ancestor's hand is the weapon called Assault/Protection Unit. This Weapon can be activated instantly by the Sacred Ancestor, he uses it to blast D with a column of Magma that envelops him in searing heat that stretches from the ground to the sky(very similar to the water column described by Valcua Two's first show of power). This column is then transformed into a white pillar in an instant that stretched on for thousands of miles in every direction to support the sky, sparkling jewels began to affix themselves, as if they had been there from the beginning. The two phases of the attack give brutal purpose. Minus 459 degrees-frozen to absolute zero. The first attack would destroy the body the second would impede it from healing. Frozen at absolute zero, where movement on the molecular level should have stopped.</p>

Engaging the personal-discretion circuits on the a/p unit's query and assault mechanisms, the unit now divorces it's self from his will and launches attacks based on the foe's mental state. Seeing how the Sacred Ancestor probably had something to do with Left Hand's creation this "feature" along with it being imprinted onto his hand seems to suggest it has a myriad of other abilities  probably that duplicates and or rivals the parasite, or maybe surpasses.