Absinthe in Highlander "For Evil's Sake"

Favored drink of Warriors. The absinthe served out on the Frontier wasn't the real stuff like they had in the Capital. Intended for humans who'd been modified for heavy manual labor, the synthesized drink was five times stronger than the original. A flame would not only ignite it----it'd make the stuff explode, and one glass was enough to cause immediate alcohol poisoning and possibly death in the average person. No one in their right mind ordered it, but then, warriors were some kind of monster.

Strider apparently knows some special trick to igniting it and using it as a flame blower straight from his mouth.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • In reality, absinthe is no more addictive or dangerous than any other high-proof alcohol. The myth that it causes insanity and death was the product of an early 20th century smear campaign by social conservatives and French vintners. As of 2011 absinthe is legal in many areas where it was once banned, including the United States and France.
  • In Highlander the Series, episode 14 of season 1 "For Evil's Sake" the favorite drink of the Immortal Assassin Christoph Kuyler is Absinthe. The character is defined as killing opposite the way a warrior would kill and not a stand up fighter like a warrior would be. Kind of the opposite in a way to warriors in general. Many of the warriors in VHD are skilled assassins though as well, there are even some immortal warrior assassins, which may be a kind of reference or nod to the show.
"He's not gonna challenge me, he's an assassin, not a warrior"
Duncan MacLeod[[http://highlander.wikia.com/wiki/For_Evil%27s_Sake|[src]]
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