"There's no air here fit for human beings. No doubt the aliens who invaded this place changed it to mirror their own world. But relax-- now you'll be fine in either."
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D with Sergei in the repository

A repository built by General Gaskell to mark his victories in the  "G Revolt" over the Capital. He sealed in it a record of his life and deeds. The record of his victories and his life is on a bit of metal one-fifth of an inch  in the form of a square. This tiny square was then encased in a stone tablet six feet wide, and weighing in excess of one ton. This repository is located on the outskirts of the village of Jelkin. Though it's said the only ones to ever set foot in its furthest reaches are  its creatorGeneral Gaskell and the Sacred Ancestor, it appears when D calls for it. From outside, it looks like a silvery cloud. Its interior is a vast area strewn with the remnant of intruder's vehicles. For transportation inside, D rides in a sphere twenty or thirty feet in diameter that's formed by the cloud. Since the aliens transformed the atmosphere to match their own world, there's not air there for humans to breath. D is able to adjust to the atmosphere and uses his left hand to change the physical make up of the human Sergei with him to match it as well. The interior has alien weapons and communication center, a factory for producing fighter air-crafts, and other equipment still in working order. The repository's defensive systems also remain active, easily thwarting an attack by a thousand alien fighters armed with anti-proton cannons and missiles.

Former OSB base.

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