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Ion Bat Shaped Ships

Ion Bat Shaped Ships

Ion Bat Shaped Ships

Ion Bat Shaped Ships

The legendary Air Chariot Battalion whose notable Generals consist of General Gaskell of the First Air Chariot Battalion, General Brewster of the Second Air Chariot Battalion, and General Nombusol of the Third Air Chariot Battalion. All of which considered giants of uncommon ability.  It is headed by Supreme Commander Greylancer. Subcommander Yanus is the general second in charge to the fleet.


There are five divisions headed by each general of the battalion

War Ministry[]

Based in the Capital planing for attacks are conducted here. The spacious meeting room was enveloped in moonlight and blue darkness. Seated were the generals on sofas some distance apart from each other. They all wore khaki-colored capes identifying them as military and held staves bearing the commander's insignia: a golden bat. What was most eye catching were the fire clusters hanging from their necks....Sun Medals.

The five Generals here are:

General Brosius may be a consulting general or there may be a sixth division he is head of. This is unclear.

The highest commanding officers are and preside over the war ministry and fleet are:

Weapons and Equipment[]

Nobility Force Field

Dimensional Shot

Dimensional Corrosion Bomb

Dimensional Cutter(Capital Support)

Anti-Gravity Chariot

Ion Bat Spaceships