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"The fog wasn't really fog. It was the substance that filled the universe—the ether. It was said to be imprinted with records of the entire universe, spanning the past, present, and future. Even the science of the Nobility hadn't been able to decipher those records, and history contained the names of only a few individuals who could read what was written there. They included Nostradamus, Abramelin, Paracelsus, and Swedenborg. The Sacred Ancestor was also on that list. One theory held that it was after reading the record one night that the Sacred Ancestor began his mysterious experiments. The "akashic record" was the general term given to the great ether that recorded all of creation."
―NarratorTyrant's Stars 3-4|[src]]]

Ultimate Noble burns his image into the sky.

Composed of ether, the Akashic Record contains the means to read/change the past, present, and future of the entire universe and creation in general. D can't be erased from history, as he is immune to the Akashic records, and thus immune to reality warpers powers. Humans known to be clairvoyant in nature can also read the Record. Considering VHD is multiversal as said in Noble V: Greylancer about Sun Medal's shunting the flames into another universe among other mentions, the records are multiversal as shown above they are a record of all creation past present and future. Though the name is first mentioned in Tyrant's Stars, it may have also been the true meaning of what Muma is in Twin-Shadowed Knight.

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