In a battle that leveled and shaped the face of mountains wiped out valleys and cut off the course of rivers, it is the scene of a battle that was earth shattering. Located some where in the Western Frontier Sector.


Hercules Goliath hand img003

D severs the colossal hand of Hercules/Apollo

While the Nobility had made many technological advancements in the use machines and they had become an important part of their society, they were used more than just for service to them. They developed AI that advanced further than they were meant for continuing to evolve and grow, where they developed genuine emotions all across the spectrum of human feelings. With this machines began to align themselves with other machine against other machines out of petty hate, and the desire for more growth and power. These petty hates bubbled over into many great battles. The most famous of these battles was that of the scene of the ancient battlefield between two sentient machines over a hundred feet tall. One was Hercules and the other Apollo. The battle raced on between these two titans of the artificial intelligence for an untold amount of time till which both of these beings were killed.

All that is left are the many remnants of their titanic broken bodies, pieces of metal, body parts, and destruction. And while their famous battle was known to take place here there were many others like it with many other broken machine just as titanic in size.

Caroline chooses this place to ambush D in Demon Deathchase. With her power to command even inorganic and dead/destroyed beings this battle field becomes all her weapons for use against the Hunter.

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