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Unnamed biological parents
Mr. Belsen (adoptive father)
Mrs. Belsen (adoptive mother)
Leticia Belsen(adoptive sister,

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Noble V: Greylancer

Hideyuki Kikuchi
"To be honest, I'm not all that interested in the Nobility or humans, for that matter. All I want to know is whether the Nobility will recognize the wicked bow skills that Master Slade passed on to me."
Arrow Belsen[src]

Arrow Belsen (アロー) is a young human bowman. He and his adoptive sister Leticia live with their adoptive parents in a village located in the Western Frontier Sector. Their origin is in Noble V: Greylancer.


When he first appears he is driving wagon drawn by two headless cyborg horses. A young bowman of 20 he has black hair and rugged looks, dressed very well, indicating he is from an affluent family that can afford to adopt children. He carries with him a bow with a quiver on his back.


When he arrives Lord Greylancer and Leticia are being attacked by ghost spiders. He takes all of them out simultaneously with his wicked bow skills narrowly saving his sister. As he got off the wagon having already gotten Leticia on his approaches Greylancer and is naturally shaken by the display of his body having been cut in half after surviving the dimensional shot. In his mental state along with suspicions of him being in Leticia's presence as a threat he is ready to attack Lord Greylancer when his mind is taken over by Greylancer with his naturally blue eyes now burning a red hue.

Lord Greylancer orders him to reattach his lower half of his body which allows him to regenerate instantly becoming whole once more. His blood hunger still apparent he grabs his hair, pulling him closer ordering him to show him his neck. Leticia calls out to Arrow rushing over. Greylancer still captivated by the beauty and out of respect to her instantly breaks the control and lets Arrow go without further attack. Arrow says everything is all right, telling her not to come over as the area with the ghost spiders blood is acidic. He does not reveal Greylancer's identity or the seriousness of the situation between them and acknowledges it no further. Leticia invites Greylancer to come back and spend the night and have dinner. Both men unable to resist the lovely girl's entreaty, agree, and get on the wagon and leave.

On their way back Greylancer asks Arrow of his skill, he tells him a traveling bowman taught him his skills. Greylancer recognizes it as the wicked bow. Greylancer's respect for the boy is cemented as they converse, Arrow also explains that he and Letica are lovers, having no blood ties, they plan to marry. Later on at dinner Arrow reveals he wants to join the Nobility Guard. After dinner is finished and they settle down for the night giving Greylancer a place in the barn to sleep they are attacked by surviving ghost spiders who have taken the identities of their adoptive parents. Greylancer and Arrow meeting the attack head on, he later informs Leticia that he has avenged their deaths.

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Wicked Bow






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