Assassin is hired killer or hitman.

Known AssassinEdit

Stuff of Dreams:Edit

Pilgrimage of the Sacred and Profane:Edit

Pilgrimage of the Sacred and Profane:Edit

Seven Assassins: (hired by Vlad Balazs)

Twin-Shadowed Knight:Edit

Dark Road:Edit

Tyrant's Stars 1-2:Edit

Tyrant's Stars 3-4:Edit

Fortress of the Elder God:Edit

The Sacred Ancestor's Army:

Scenes From An Unholy War:Edit

Black Death Gang

Record of the Blood Battle:Edit

  • Gerard (hired by villagers of Zappara)
  • Puff (hired by villagers of Zappara)
  • Vinne (hired by villagers of Zappara)

White Devil Mountain:Edit

Iriya the Berserker:Edit

Noble V: Greylancer:Edit

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