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Barbarois is a community of Mutants, Demons and various other creatures that have been interbreeding for many years. They are indebted to Dracula, and finally choose to help D, but Grove interrupts and the carriage leaves against the will of the elder. The village itself is hidden behind the mountains, its walls are equipped with laser cannons and mutants hide behind rocks around it. Like any normal village, it contains houses and a town square, and the ground is covered with grass, meaning there is no corruption. Three primary Barbarois in the Vampire Hunter D series are Mashira, Bengé , and Caroline. The Barbarois Elder is the leader who has served in this position since its founding, over 10.000 years ago.

Barbarois in manga

Babarois Debt to the Sacred Ancestor[]

320 years before the events of Demon Deathchase, a horrible toxic gas gushed from the earth in their land, killing half the Barbarois villagers and leaving the other half waiting for death as their flesh festered. But a certain personage traveling with a grand purpose spared them from destruction.

"Let five of your strongest, bravest men accompany me on my journey."
Sacred Ancestor[src]

As soon as the Sacred Ancestor left with the five he sought, the ground the village was on rose toward the sky, and in the space of three breaths, new growth budded on the trees and the flowers bore fruit. It is because of him the village not only rose into the sky, but he also has made the village thrive in all ways since. The debt for this cannot be paid, and is an ongoing bargain the village has with him and the Noble race.

Media Adaptations[]

Hideyuki Kikuchi's Vampire Hunter D Vol. 3[]

When D arrives at the village the Elder is there to greet him. Impressed by his manners, countenance, and strength the elder takes to a strong respect for the man, as he carries the same grand purpose of the one that saved the village and whom they most hold high, despite D's protests that they have the wrong man. D asks them to allow the carriage to now leave the village and no harm will be done to them and he will continue his pursuit in peace. The elder at first was hesitant to accept this, and even bargains with D about the price, but as he continues to talk to him he cannot deny the truth of D's heritage and the relations to that Legendary Dark Lord.

Despite resetting the highest form of law, which says if a certain man of his heritage were ever to appear that any other deals or laws are circumvented and they are to do as he says no question, the Barabois guards of Mayer deny his ruling, intent to not break the contract with which they are called upon to hold up to as originally agreed. As D will not admit to this station, they then call on the others to attack D that feel the same as they do. As they attack D, each one is cut down till none are left. The rest stop due to fear and as they do the Marcus Clan, who have taken advantage of this attention drawn to D, get past their defenses and observe the situation.

They send Grove in to destroy as many of them as possible. On his way he hears Caroline's proclamation that the carriage is headed to the States. The Barbaois guards then flee with the carriage the back way. As they do, Grove attacks D, who dodges the attack by flying high into the air and coming down and cutting Grove. His form returns to his body afterward, seemingly having nothing to do with D's attack, but rather because of his body calling it back involuntarily. The Elder then calls for the rest to stop attacking and they abide by it.

Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust[]

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The village is actually inside a mountain, and there are large windmills seen from outside. The interior resembles a temple, but full of mutants. The elder converses with him as D asks him to hand over the carriage. He sees that D is powerful, and is reluctant to start a battle with many casualties where they are uncertain of victory. Ultimately, he decides against handing over the carriage to him and proclaims his loyalty to his principles with the binding contract having vowed to protect it. D counters this with one last entreaty which seems to sway the Elder. The outcome is in doubt until Bengé interrupts, declaring he and the guards will take care of the intruder.

The elder begins to retort, but is interrupted by an attack from Grove. With Grove killing many of them off, the elder declares that the guards get the carriage out now. They comply, and as they are leaving Bengé absorbs blasts from Grove meant for both him and the carriage and they escape. D heads after the carriage, but his way is blocked by Grove. Grove blasts, but D dodges it by jumping high in the air and bringing his sword down, severing the spirit of Grove. This has a malicious effect on Grove's spirit, forcing him back into his body where he begins to convulse in pain from a seizure.

Vampire Hunter D video game[]

Only the guards are mentioned in the game. Bengé and Mashira are bosses vital to the story, the rest are not. 

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Named Barbarois[]

Barbarois's Age and Status.
Name Age Status


Barbarois Elder

Over 10,320 Alive



Over 2000 Destroyed



Over 200 Destroyed

Caroline of Bloodlust.jpg


Over 100 Destroyed



To Mayerling:

"Bengé, Caroline, Mashira . . . Oh, those are the very best, the cream of our village."
Barbarois Elder[src]


To D:

"Young man, you’ve come into our village in a way no one else has ever managed. I wish I could tell you passengers in that carriage were yours, but it’s too late, too late. We’ve already sided with the carriage, you see. The contract is drawn, and we’ve been paid in gold.Paid with the fabled ten thousand-dala coins—ten of them. Could you afford that much?”"
Barbarois Elder[src]