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Byron Balazs
General information
Also known as

Lord Byron






Height: 6'3"




Less than 40


Western Frontier


Lord of Western Frontier


Sacred Ancestor (Father)
House of Balazs
Lord Vlad Balazs (Father)
Lady Cordelia Balazs (Mother)
Valcua Two(various)
D,D,Ds(Twin half
Lord Rocambole(Half
Tae's baby(Sibling)

Powers and Abilities

First Appearance

Pale Fallen Angel

Hideyuki Kikuchi
"You seem to be breathing easier...We've got a long road ahead of us."

Baron Byron Balazs (男爵バイロンバラサ) is the son of the Noble Lord Vlad Balazs, who hires D to act as his bodyguard till he reaches his faraway home in Krauhausen. The reason for this is that he is on the way to kill his father, who knows this and has ordered Vampire Hunters and friends alike to dispose of his son. He makes his appearance in Pale Fallen Angel.


He wears a cape as blue as the deepest sea. His hair is golden and flowing, and his eyes are ultramarine. Murderous flashes of light fly from his cape to slice through things.


The Baron is depicted as a respectful and kind man being the complete opposite of what one would expect to be born of noble blood. He has shown a deep respect for both humanity and nobles alike and has decreed on more than one occasion to unite humans and nobility together in a peaceful society.

On several occasions has shown to have a dry sense of humor and ability to control his bloodlust in certain situations where other Nobles would have given into temptation. Throughout their journey, D and the Baron have a mutual respect for each other and relate in similar ways when dealing with certain situations where they work well as a team calling into question if the Baron is really the son of the Sacred Ancestor.


He hires D to escort him back to the village of Krauhausen and slay his father. Members of the Balazs family are a rare exception: they can move around during the daylight so long as are not directly exposed to the sun, although a dip in their Biorhythms is unavoidable. Such powers are found only in the Greater Nobility. He can control his thirst for blood around humans due to his mother, Lady Cordelia under going a certain procedure at the bidding of the Sacred Ancestor while Byron was still in the womb.

Though his mother was opposed to the procedure, his father, was most insistent, and the procedure was performed. As a result, he now has an artificial hand. After being birthed, the Sacred Ancestor took him for three months. There are some who say Lord Vlad was not the father, but rather the Sacred Ancestor. The sperm the Sacred Ancestor collected from Fisher Lagoon might've also been used. Twenty years ago Baron Byron was banished from Krauhausen by his father. He manages to slay his father without using the power of the Destroyer. The attack Taki suffers awakens his true vampiric nature, and the very Hunter he hired destroys him.

Powers and Abilities[]

Physical Stats of a Greater Noble


Master Technician

Bestowed Power From Sacred Ancestor

Destructive Capacity:City level+


Artificial Hand

Murderous Flashes

Black Blade

Dried Blood Plasna- The baron’s carriage was stocked with dried plasma. Three times a day he dissolved it in water to fill his empty stomach. Synthesized by the Nobility’s science, it didn’t differ in the slightest from human blood in scent or taste or nutrients. But it was still no use. For the Nobility, feeding wasn't about ingesting nutrients. It was about sustaining the psyche.

Stein Atomic Grenade

Defense Cylinder

Silver Sphere

Ultrasonic Transmitter

Plasma Rifle

Sound-Dampening Fluid





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