Leila Marcus's beloved vehicle.

Leila with her battle car

Vehicle's DescriptionEdit

The vehicle is an oblong iron plate set on four grotesquely oversized puncture proof tires, crammed with a large-capacity atomic engine and some controls. It incorporates some of the Nobility's technology and machinery. It's outward appearance is far from aesthetically pleasing. An energy pipe leads from the rear-mounted engine to a core furnace shielded by studded iron plate, and a simple, bar-like steering yoke from the floor. In addition to the seventy-millimeter recoil-less bazooka on the right flank of the rear-mounted engine, there's a circular twenty-millimeter missile pod with heat seeking missiles/miniature nuclear missiles on the left side, and mounted atop the core furnace is a cannon called a penetrator that launches liquid-metal projectiles at speeds in excess of Mach 1. The vehicle can easily be pressed for speeds of seventy-five miles per hour, and runs safely on 99 percent of all terrain thanks to its three-quater-inch-thick wire suspension. The vehicle is powered by Uranium Fuel like all atomic powered machines.


It had been crafted from parts gathered in junkyards during their travels. Some parts even came from the ruins of the Nobility, when the opportunities to take them presented themselves. She'd quite literally forgotten to eat or sleep while she worked on it. Early one winter morning, the battle car was completed by the feeble, watery light of dawn. Loving that car like a baby that'd kicked in her own belly, Leila learned how to drive it with a miraculous level of skill.


As far back as she could remember, the clan's Father Marcus had always impressed upon her how important it was for her to refine her skills at manipulating anything and everything mechanical. Her father may have even known some basic genetic enhancement techniques. Ironically, Leila's talents only seemed to shine when it came to modes of transportation. Whether it was a car, or even something with life of its own like a cyborg horse, under her skillful touch mechanical vehicles were given a new lease on life.

"Give her an engine and some wheels and she'll whip up a car."
Father Marcus said with admiration for his daughter Leila MarcusDemon Deathchase|[src]]]

Her skills at operating vehicles surpassed that of all her brothers, with only Borgoff Marcus coming close.


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