"To counter the power of a Destroyer who wouldn't rest until everything had been annihilated, here was the same Big Bang that’d created all of the planets in the universe and all life on them.

“Incredible. It’s a regular showdown between God and the Devil!”

As if vouching for what Lagoon had said, the accelerator that’d halted thirty feet away began to let out a momentous groan, and the rails positioned themselves in sacrosanct angles that couldn't err by even a picometer. Ahead of it stood a god of destruction by the name of Vince, waiting to unleash more violence."

―NarratorPale Fallen Angel|[src]]]

The enormous explosion that created the universe.

The Sacred Ancestor has created a Big Bang Accelerator that can use the power that created the universe. He taught Fisher Lagoon the knowledge of it and he was able to construct his own.
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