Introduced in Pale Fallen Angel it is one of the enormous machines stored in the ware house on Thorton Street in the village of Krauhausen. This Accelerator could produce the same results as the big bang---the enormous explosion that created the universe. As such it has the power to wipe out the universe as well. The machine was constructed by Fisher Lagoon, who was taught by the Sacred Ancestor the theory behind it. It's a collection of countless rails surrounding a black mountain of a base, the path of its rails reminiscent of a diagram of an atom. Material launched down these rails, which curve in arcs and angles determined by unknown physical laws, will exceed the speed of light in flight, and on striking its target,it impedes the very flow of time. Stripped of its time-impeding apparatus, the machine is a catastrophic death bringer - to be used solely for destruction. The accelerator is used against Vince inhabited by the Destroyer, but it has no effect and winds up being destroyed by him instead.

D mentions they have one in the Capital(Vampire Rule).

The Sacred Ancestor having taught lagoon the theory and D confirming there are others in the Nobility suggest the Sacred Ancestor is definitely in possession of one and has built it before Lagoon and has used it before. He may have also incorporated its technology into his personal army's use in the machine known as The Mysterious Symphony--Movement of Destruction as it has many of the same designs in it.

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