• Deathdoom12

    Look people can we try to get the pages in the proper catalog please like the magnet car belong to the VEHICLES catalog not WEAPONS please!!!

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  • Mandi-Cakes

    My fanfiction

    July 15, 2015 by Mandi-Cakes

    I've mentioned on my profile that I'm writing some VHD fanfiction =3

    It's pretty fun to be able to explore the VHD universe in this way and create something from that that speaks personally to me about what I enjoy about that world and about the characters.

    It's fun in general to just write and create something, even though it's from an established property. It's all for fun. I love writng, I love VHD, and doing something like that was bound to happen at some point, though the idea didn't strike me until I was reading the Stuff of Dreams manga. The end of where Sybille has her dream of dancing with Krutz and D...D all dressed up with his hair tied back....agh, so handsome XD  That's where the spark came from and from that came the idea for my …

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  • Gcheung28

    Hello, Vampire Hunter D fans! If you love anime + manga, be sure to check out Wikia's awesome new Masters of Animanga project! It's a really great collaboration with amazing masters of animanga like Kazuo Koike, Yoshitaka Amano, Takashi Okazaki and Shin-ichi Hiromoto, AND it's a project done EXCLUSIVELY with the Wikia community! One of the three story themes will be Vampire if that helps entice you!

    We also are getting exclusive video interviews with these masters, like this recent one from Kazuo Koike that you can see below. If you're interested, be sure to check out the blog explaining the project, and we hope to see you participate in this once in a lifetime opportunity!

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  • Vampire hunter D

    I am about to start work on creating and filling alot of pages, My choice will be The Stuff of Dreams, as i feel it has alot i could type up. I have other plans, so it may slow and less detailed, but corrections shall be made.

    If anybody would like to work on this togethor, that would be nice. I am currently reading the book, so it wont be hazy at the parts i were up to.

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