"This is a magic sword. He called it Blue Blood. That those who died with a decided hate for the Nobility should focus that hatred to seek the blood of their opponent is nature’s providence. Or perhaps it would be better to call it a deadly principle?"
Grand Duke DragoThrong of Heretics|[src]]]

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The magical sword made by the Sacred Ancestor and given to Grand Duke Drago to use. Its a golden blade made of a mystical highly dense metal. It is most likely made with the Sacred Ancestor's Technology. It's three times as wide as an ordinary sword, with beads of blood from just slicing open an opponent covering it, while its grip was studded with jewels as if in disregard for the comfort of holding it. Turning the flat side to look at it you can see its steely surface seemed to become a mirror, and something came into view in it. The faces of innumerable humans. There were men and women. There were the old, the hale, and the young. And each and every one of them had a chalk—white face etched with boundless hatred as they stared at their opponent. The cries of the stunned amnesiac harmonized with some strange voices. Voices of hate. Voices choked from the faces that appeared on the blade. The blade feeds on and drains the blood and life from any it touched of its victims and is powered by countless souls infused with in it with their hatred and suffering further giving it more mystical power. Once a victim is attacked even if they parry the blade it draws out an unknown amount of blood instantly from every pore. Once hit with it from every inch, every last pore on the body seeped blood covering their entire body.

"No one, and I mean no one, can stop that bleeding. You-know-who made that freaking sword! It's got power in it way beyond even Grand Duke Drago."
Left HandThrong of Heretics|[src]]]

As left hand stated, once cut by the blade it severs the fountain of life on a level higher than D. D is able to recover from several cuts from this though, but was left in a very critical state.

Xeno Gillian gains the abilities of this sword with mimic.

"Do you understand, D? Do you see the faces on the sword, hear the screams of those he sacrificed in his experiments? They curse their fate, and curse the God that granted it. Though they have died, they cannot pass into the land of the dead. Because they were not given a peaceful death. But it is not God who has taxed them so. Not the fragile God in which the humans place their faith. He did it. Ah, they should curse him for all eternity. I saw his experiments with my own eyes!"
Grand Duke DragoThrong of Heretics|[src]]]
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