"A pair of humans and a horse have just arrived at the main gate. One of the humans is male, approximately eight years of age, the other is a male estimated to be between the ages of seventeen and eighteen. The bridge went down as soon as they drew near. We are unable to fire the weapons. It is my belief that the animal or one of the humans possesses a device that interferes with my commands. At present, all of the castle’s electronic armaments are inoperable."
Lee Castle AIVampire Hunter D|[src]]]

Vhd the series Blue Pendant Capture
Blue Pendant vlcsnap-235548

Blue Pendant around D's Neck

D Pendant Wall Blue - Copy

Mysterious Pendant of unknown origin. Has the ability to disable electronics through unknown means. The blue light shines brightly when activated. D's main weapon worn around his neck. He may have more than one as he gave one to Dan and has since replaced it.

D's Blue Pendant via Kickstarter
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