The Capital is a massive city that is inhabited by the Nobility. Its located in the Central Frontier Sector. Huge highways are used to travel from and to the Capital. Unlike during human rule, it isn't worn out, and is more than just still functionable. Spaceships are used to get from one side of the world to the capital, as seen in one of the novels.

A fully automated cyber-city, the product of cutting-edge scientific technology. It sits at the center of a system of super-speed highways that crisscross all seven continents. A pristine shine coats the walls of buildings and structures  constructed of translucent metal crystal, the majority of automated roads and criss crossing highways are in fine condition, and cars/carriages zip from place to place like a shooting star. The automated city is populated by Vampires and  humans who can't fathom its machinery or receive the tiniest fraction of the benefits it might provide. The Central Government  is based in the Capital. The Administration Bureau of the Capital provide goods to humans where the Overlords decide how to distribute it to people on the Frontier with their individual distribution vassals as well. And the Vampires are sustained by the Capital's decree of blood tithes.

As referenced in the books, advanced technology such as energy barriers are purchased from the Capital, the Nobility still manufacture and develop new technologies by the day as handled by the Millitary Bureau.

There are airports that fly to the Capital, by plane, skybus and other aerial  vehicles.

The Central Government[edit | edit source]

The Governing Body that consists of:

Privy Council Ministry

The Capital Defense Division

Air Chariot Battalion

Millitary Bureau

The Theological Institute and Phenomena Bureau

Bureau of Planetary Control

The Statistics and Probability Bureau

The Nobility’s Academy of Sciences

The Investigation Bureau

Capital's Training Center

The Administration Bureau

Civil Administration Bureau

Central Reasearch Center

The Sacred Ancestor's Mansion[edit | edit source]

As said in the Dark Road and Tyrant's Stars 1-2, the mansion is located in the Capital. Not many are invited to the mansion although it was known for those seeking an audiance with him it was available to the Nobility at least until his disappearance.

Affiliations[edit | edit source]

The Overlords

The Northern Frontier Sector

The Southern Frontier Sector

The Western Frontier Sector

The Eastern Frontier Sector

Long Range Weapons[edit | edit source]

The Capital has several long range weapons that can reach anywhere in the world and even many into space:

Asteroid Missiles

Dimensional Cutter

Anti-Proton Missiles

Plasma Cannon

Megaquake Generator

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