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Chacellor Cornelius








Clothes:Black Gown

Build:Extreme Aging,




Over 2,000




Sacred Ancestor (vampire

Powers and Abilities
  • Master Manipulator
  • Master Politician
First Appearance

Noble V: Greylancer

Hideyuki Kikuchi
"The sound of your sword betrays your you leave your head at my feet."--Shizam

"Shizam, was it? Just how do you propse to behead this illusion?"--Chancellor Cornelius



Chancellor Cornelius[src]

Cornelius is the chancellor of the Privy Council Ministry. A Noble of the highest birthright, reputation, and political pull.


Though he wore the same night colored gown as the other Privy Council members, only his tiny sandaled feet stuck out from the translucent reddish-blue ball of liquid in which he was encased. He later appears as an illusion with physical substance, rendering the need to project his usual eutrophic fluid submerged form necessary.


Being an immortal member of the Nobility, it is unclear the reason behind his ailing appearance and advanced age appearance. Others in the council also seem to appear older as well. While it is not mentioned in the book, this maybe because of the same Malady, that affects Lady Ann although in a different form. While she may never mature beyond her child like stature of 10 or 11, Cornelius may not have the ability to hold a youthful maturity level such as is common with immortal among Nobles. This may have had some adverse effect on his rise to power or may have helped him, seeing how the other members may have a similar malady.

He appoints Lord Greylancer Supreme Commander of the counter strike forces, in the attack on OSB Moon Base despite the council's disapproval risking his position in the process. A bold move and very suspect, which never becomes fully clear. It was not for benevolent means or the good of this Nobility, this much is clear. The reason for this with later events may have been because of his plot along with other members to collude with the OSB to surrender the Nobility to them, allowing them to take over the planet in exchange for him to hold a powerful position in their rule. He may have sought to set Greylancer up to fail and perish in the assault, or he sought to stave off their rule when negotiations went sour and they refused his offer.

He is critically injured by Vlijmen Mayerling when he goes to confront the ministry's ruling to send out a plasma attack to vaporize all suspected OSB frontiers inhabited areas that will kill all humans and OSB but will leave vampires free to resurrect an affected. It is a ruling under the guise of a celebration of the Sacred Ancestor's birthday.

It is revealed that the council headed by Cornelius had multiple entangled plots to take power from the Overlord s, collude with the OSB, tamper with the Ultimate Mind, and perversion of the Sacred Ancestor's will all headed by him. He is killed by Shizam of the Streda Style in his attempt to kill Lord Greylancer.

Powers and Abilities[]

Physical Stats of a Greater Noble- many of these stats or all of them may be affected by his malady, but may not have any effect on his illusion physical manifestation form.


Evil Incense

Eutrophic Fluid Containment



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