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Charlotte Elbourne
General information





Height: Estimated about 5'3" compared to Meier and D

Weight: Under 130

Eyes: Amber

Hair: Long, Dark Brown

- Silk nightdress,
- Green cape,
- Wedding-like dress

Build: Slim beauty






Unnamed city
Western Frontier


Daughter (Novel Counterpart)
John Elbourne (Father)
Alan Elbourne (Older brother)

Other Relations

Meier Link (Lover)

First Appearance

VHD: Bloodlust

Hideyuki Kikuchi
"Well, then, we're both to blame. Because we can't know happiness, not anymore. I wanted you to be happy, Meier, and so I abandoned my father and my brother for you. But their pain set the wheels in motion for our pain, and so on and on it goes... All we have is each other now, and I want to be close to you. Without that we have nothing. All the pain I've caused and all the agony I feel is nothing, now! And you are everything to me, my love!"
Charlotte Elbourne[src]

Charlotte Elbourne (シャーロット=エルバーン) is a human girl who is deeply in love with a vampire named Meier Link. Her family sends vampire hunters to return her back home. She is a character from Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust.


Charlotte is a beautiful slim and shapely young woman with long back-length dark brown hair that has braids on either side of her head with pearls in the back. She has fair skin and amber eyes. She wears a flowing silk nightdress and a deep green cape. Later on, she changed into a traditional white, wedding-like dress with long sleeves. Like her brother and father, she wears a ring on her right hand on her ring finger.


Charlotte is a very kind and loving young woman to everyone, especially Meier Link. She has also been shown to be incredibly brave at times, especially when others have tried to separate her from her lover. She had no problem telling D to kill her and even stating that she would gladly die without Meier.

Although not a physically powerful character, her will and steely determination to be with Meier has often proven to be more effective than any weapon.


Charlotte left her family to be with her lover Meier Link. Despite everyone's warning about him, Charlotte remained by his side, unfazed by his reputation. She even told D to kill her if he tried to take her back and asks Meier several times to change her, but out if his love for her, he refused.

Meier "abducts" Charllote.

At the beginning, while lying in bed, Charlotte waits anxiously for her lover to "abduct" her. Her anxiousness grows when her bedroom mirror cracks, sensing his presence. The window suddenly blasts open, and Charlotte sees the silhouette of Meier. He quickly enveloped her in his arms and carried her away.

While on the road, the couple stops at a resting house, they're peace quickly disturbed by D and Leila Marcus. Meier and a face off on top of the carriage while Charlotte watches on. She calls out for Meier's safety which distracting D. Meier uses this opportunity and knocks D of the carriage. After the standoff, Meier reflects on the extinction of Vampires while Charlotte sits in the carriage. Meier teleports and lifts her chin with his finger.

Later that day, Meier and Charlotte (now being accompanied by Mashira, Caroline and Bengé) are resting together in his coffin. Meier holds a sleeping Charlotte to him while reading Carmilla's Letter sent to him previously. They stop at a watering hole to rest the horses. Charlotte steps out of the carriage wanting to bask in the sun one last time before their journey.

She sits at an old ruin where she meets D he confronts her about why she called out Meier's name the other night and she states that she loves him. Leila suddenly appears from behind a stone pillar. She slaps Charlotte and shouts at her for being foolish. She grabs Charlotte and threatens to shoot D if he gets in her way. D sheaths his sword warning Leila. From about a grassy tendril grab Leila and throws her into the river, while Mashira, carries off Charlotte and return her to Meier.

Meir Link sunlight resistence 1.gif

Later that same evening, they are crossing a bridge. Kyle Marcus and Borgoff Marcus watch on from afar, they plant bombs under the bridge stopping the couple in their tracks. Kyle grabs Charlotte from inside the carriage and holds her hostage in order to lure out Meier. It works, and Meier steps out into the heat to save his love. The brothers laugh and taunt Meier while shooting him with several arrows in his chest and legs. Charlotte cries out to him, and manages to break free from Kyle's grip. She runs towards Meier and embraces his burning body. She pulls an arrow from his chest and declares that she cannot live without him. Kyle and Borgoff are about to attack the pair again, but Mashira stops them by killing Kyle. Borgoff retreats by jumping off the bridge.

While continuing on their journey, Meier lies with Charlotte in his coffin, recuperating from his severe burns. He assures a worried Charlotte that his wounds will heal Affectionately stroking her cheek. She sleeps against his hand while Meier watches her. His Bloodlust kicks in and he nearly bites her. But manages to draw back.

Later, when they finally arrive at the castle, Meier and Charlotte are greeted by the countess Carmilla, who shows them in. She praises their relationship and tells the couple to go and rest before their journey.

In their bedroom, Meier and Charlotte embrace in front of a mirror which only Charlotte is reflected in. He lovingly nuzzles and kisses her neck. He is about to bite her again, but barely manages to force his jaw shut. Charlotte calls him selfish for not turning her and states that it was her choice to come with him, so it will be her choice to become a vampire. Meier refuses Out of love and leaves Charlotte alone for a bit to attend to some unfinished business.

Meier protects Charlotte from Carmilla.

Carmilla takes advantage of both Meier and Charlotte by creating illusions of the other. She tricked Meier with an illusion of Charlotte with D, and she hypnotizes Charlotte with an illusion of Meier calling for her. Mesmerized, she is fooling the illusion Meier into Carmilla's chambers where she bites Charlotte, still in the guise of Charlotte's love leaving the young woman to collapse on the floor, her blood flowing down to Carmilla's corpse to be resurrected.

Later on, after D kills Carmilla's spiritual manifestation, her now blood soaked corpse, crawls desperately towards Charlotte's severely injured body. But before Carmilla can get to her, Meier swoops down and cuts the corpse in half. He grabs Charlotte and swoops her to safety.

As the castle starts to crumble, Meier and Charlotte share an embrace together before she passes. D take her ring as evidence for filled job and lets them go. A devastated Meier picks up his love to continue on their journey.


Meier Link's Carriage

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