Vampire Hunter D Wiki

This term refers to those with powers in all areas that rival or surpass those who have been chosen by the Sacred Ancestor. These individuals are on a level beyond most Greater Nobles. Lawrence Valcua possesses this power level, and possibly a step above. Lord Rocambole is the best comparison to give for this power. With this power they can take on groups of Greater Nobles and survive and maybe dominate like he did. They are immune to most Vampire weaknesses but are susceptible still to holy powers. Most have found something that allows them to walk in sunlight however.

Physical Stats include:

Intelligence-  Genius in most areas of intellect. Many are above.

Immortality- Immune to dying of old age, and most conventional means. Vampire Resurrection is nearly instant from things that destroy the body but are not weaknesses to kill them such as molecular manipulation, or immolation.

Regeneration - The level of regeneration among Vampires far surpasses even those with regenerating powers of Vince and even most common vampires. Chosen ones recover from injuries in seconds.

Superhuman Accuracy - they instantly become expert marksmen even if they never picked up or used a gun or other projectile type weapons. They outclass even common vampires and Greater Nobles astounding level of marksmanship.

Superhuman Strength - Their strength is well beyond all humans. Even those with high quality Combat Suits who can amplify strength hundreds some thousands of times. Cyborgs are also considered stronger than any combat suit and Vampires outclass them as well. Vampires strength is well into the many tons of strength. A Greater Nobles's strength level is into the hundreds of tons level but can be amplified further with necromancy, technology and other means at their disposal. Chosen ones can amplify their strength further

Superhuman Speed - Their speed increases dramatically. They can out run bullets and kill groups of armed men before they have time to react. Greater Nobles have shown to be able to react and catch D's Wooden Needles thrown at them and toss it back at a speed that vampires can't even perceive. Chosen ones can rival D's speed

Superhuman Reflexes

Superhuman Agility - Well beyond any gymnast, enhanced humans, common Vampires and Greater Nobles.

Superhuman Sense - All senses such as sight, smell, taste, touch, balance etc. are all super human.

Supernatural Sense - their supernatural sense is highly developed can perceive the supernatural energy of most beings and converse with metaphysical beings.

Natural Abilities and Talents - What ever talent or special abilities a human had when turned are multiplied in power such as Egbert's Kingdom, singing ability, or anything else. A Greater Noble's and Chosen One's power would amplify it to nearly God Powers level.