"We're no longer what we used to be. We're the chosen ones, given new life by the Great One. And with that life, D, comes power!"
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These are individuals who have been chosen by the Sacred Ancestor and given some of his power.
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Toma drawing his pair o longswords against D.


Some through experimentation of genetics alone like Baron Byron Balazs or the countless vampires turned around the world who walked the Highway of the Dead in Twin-Shadowed Knight. These individuals are given his power for a purpose. Some out of curiosity to see what kind of world they would make like Sybille Schmitz. Others are given his power to go under many millions of tests if they show more potential after that having the chance to be dubbed a Success such as Lawrence Valcua once was thought to be and what D has confirmed to be. The criteria is vague and not completely known but it has to do with furthering the evolution of human and Noble alike that the Sacred Ancestor has shown to have the absolute highest knowledge on the subject.

Known CriteriaEdit

The Sacred Ancestor has been traveling the world coming to select areas where he asks for the strongest and the brightest of the village, town, or other group. Usually consisting of the top five individuals. He from there chooses who will become chosen ones or just aid him in experimentation such as Fisher Lagoon's DNA he took from him. In Twin Shadowed Knight it shows that these individuals in order to find the potential needed they go under millions of tests, everything from regeneration properties, mental fortitude, strong will, fortified genetic structure, special powers and abilities, and resistance or immunities to diseases and death by physical, biological, chemical, etc. means. Like all chosen ones who have been experimented on, written into their DNA which can be viewed by those skilled at discerning DNA code or through the use of machines, the Sacred Ancestor's Characters can be viewed. Only those of his bloodline can read them however

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

All chosen ones have shown exceptional ability beyond most Greater Nobles. This is further explained in Chosen One Powers, Ultimate Noble Powers, and Success Powers.

Special PowersEdit

Almost all chosen ones have Mimic, Bestowed Power From Sacred Ancestor, The Night, Reality Warping, or other special abilities that put them in a league of their own.

Known MembersEdit

Chosen One's Age and Status.
Name Age Status


Over 5,000 Alive
Left Hand Novel img007

Left Hand

Over 5,000 Alive

Twin-Shadowed Knights 001


Over 5,000 Destroyed


 ? Destroyed
Lina Belan drawn by Saiko Takaki

Lina Belan

17 Destroyed

Tajeel Schmika

17 Destroyed

Lukas Meyer

17 Destroyed
Tumblr mgjdy3fpZW1qgl9aho2 1280

unborn child

 ? Alive

Sybille Schmitz

17 Destroyed
Baron Byron Balazs 001

Baron Byron Balazs

Less than 40 Destroyed
Twin D vs Yuma 001


Over 5,000 Destroyed?

Highway of the Dead

Various Various

Mia Simon

Over 16 Alive
Rocambole 001

Readers Guide

Lord Rocambole

Over 8,000 Destroyed
Tumblr lv9eyojjg61qgl9aho1 r1 500

Lawrence Valcua

Over 10,000 Destroyed
Lord Valcua

Valcua Two

Age of each face

Grand Duke Dorleac

Over 6,000 Destroyed
20140430 122604



Over 30 Destroyed

Black Death Gang

Various Destroyed

Viscount Kraken

6,000 Destroyed

Iriya the Beserker


Around 17 Destroyed

Shank Pomerolo

Over 5,000 Alive

Grand Duke Drago 237 black and white

Blue Blood

Over 5,000 Alive
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