The Circuit Court consisted of a judge, prosecutors, public defenders, a clerk, and one additional person who handled assorted duties. Ordinary the clerk would receive lawsuits from the area they were visiting and relay them to the judge, then divide the plaintiffs and defendants among the prosecutors and public defenders. When pleading a case to the clerk, all pertinent physical evidence had to be provided, because the time allotted to case, from the start of the trial to the end of sentencing, was limited to less than an hour. It was safe to say that the trial hinged on this evidence.

The court in Record of the Blood Battle were assigned to Baron Alpulup Macula's case. The only case on the docket concerned the Baron. The plaintiffs were the families of the children abducted five thousand years ago by him or those acting on his behalf. The evidence consisted of the R-disks from more than five thousand years ago that contained footage and taped testimony by the people who had been there.

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