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Codo Graham is one of the Black Death Gang Sleeper Agents send to spy on the village of Geneve. Codo is a long haired good looking 26 year old, he is an excellent huntsman. His generosity in buying rounds at the bar after taking down a big animal made him popular. Fooling around with the men's wives and daughters did not. He came in to the village four years ago. He taught Miriam the tricks of his trade.

He makes his appearance in Scenes From An Unholy War.


His weapon of choice are wing disks, which are silverery disks about a foot in diameter. Made of metal as thin as a sheet of paper, a stack of hundres of them was only 4 inches thick. Even if his footwide blade would miss it's target, eighteen inch blades sprung out on all four sides of the disk, which would allow it to cut through an enormous ten-foot-thick tree trunk. He carried a stack on either hip, two hundred in all. He was better in hunting with them, then with a rifle.