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"Lord Greylancer, I've been waiting for you. Myerling has returned to his sector, following his attack on Chancellor Cornelius. He will likely hole up in his castle and engage our army there. The Privy Council has appointed you subcommander of the counterinsurgency forces."--Vice-Chancellor Pitaka

"Who is the commander?"--Lord Greylancer

"Duchess Mircalla of the Southern Frontier Sector."

Vice-Chancellor PitakaNoble V: Greylancer|[src]]]

The Counter Insurgency Forces is the name that refers to the combined force of the Northern Frontier Sector, Southern Frontier Sector, and the Capital's armies under the command of Supreme Commander Duchess Mircalla


-Air Chariot Battalion-

Consists troupes from here. The only commander from it is Subcommander Yanus. 50 Bombers.

-Ground Troupes-

Consists of Vampire commanders and troops by night along with half-human plus mechanical soldiers by night and day.

100 Giant Infantry, 1,000 Regular Infantry, and 50 missile tanks.

The Capital Defense Division-Makes up both ground and air forces.

-Special Forces-

House of Krolock subterranean forces.

War Ministry Commanders[]

-Supreme Commander Duchess Mircalla

-Subcommander Lord Greylancer

-Subcommander Yanus

-Lieutenant General Dreyse Ghishirshin

-General Sade Jermyn

-General Lei Huo Chao


Air Chariot


Missile Tanks

Dimensional Corrosion Bomb

Anti-Proton Missiles

Android Giants

Nobility Force Field

Anti-Proton Cannon



Great Bow