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Cyborg Horses are common types of mounts found across the Frontier.

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Those favored by the Nobility were functional even after their heads had been cut off.

Description, Use, and Maintenance[]

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Aside from the Nobility’s teleporters and Mach cars, the predominant means of transportation on the Frontier was cyborg horses. There were more than a few cars powered by steam, gasoline, or other fuels, but in terms of range, performance, and dependability, they couldn't compare to cyborg horses. As a result, horse maintenance was of the utmost importance. Their primary source of food is synthetic grass, which provides them with all the nutritional needs, which are readily available, cheap, and sold across the Frontier. Large towns, of course, had factories for upgrading, inspecting, and repairing cyborg horses, while in smaller towns someone could be hired to do repairs, but the purchase of a new steed would usually entail paying a price far beyond legal guidelines. If, while out in the wilderness, someone should meet with an unexpected misfortune that killed their steed, they would have little choice but to walk however many hundreds of miles to their destination. The chance of running into a horse trader roaming the Frontier in search of such travelers was less than one in a hundred. The other option also on the Frontier in towns and along the roads were rest stops that provided a means of replacing horses that were damaged beyond repair or to repair those salvageable.