Saiko Takaki D's Sword

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D's Longsword is D's main weapon. "Limning an elegant arc that was quite different from the straight blades

On horse back after Catching Marcus Arrow

cherished by so many other hunters, it spoke of the vast expanses of time it's owner had traveled." The hilt is glistening and has oiled ivy wrapped around it. It's scabbard is well worn. There is a high-polymer line wound about the sheath that can be threaded through the sword guard to prevent the sword from being drawn. Like a "peace string". D straps the blade to his back, and usually keeps his right hand free to draw at a moment's notice. Though the sword has been broken and the blade dulled on a number of occasions he is usually able to acquire another just like it at some point. Twin-Shadowed Knight depicts him getting a replacement in a room full of hundreds of weapons.

Teaser Concept Art for VHD the Series

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