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The Dark Water Forces are an elite unit of synthetic humanoid amphibians with frog-like voices serving under Lord Vlad Balazs and are led by Galil.

They make their appearance in Pale Fallen Angel.

Powers and Abilities[]

The Dark Water Force soldiers have light water warrior abillities, which means they can turn liquid. They also have employ a special tactic; basically the sound of water induces sleep. The Dark Water Forces had taken this simple phenomenon and apply it on enormous scale. It could do more then simply entice sleep, it was a form of hypnotism that could even gain control of the minds of animals.



Water Harps - strings stretched out through the base of a waterfall or out in the rain. They make a beautiful sound when they come in contact with water, it lures the ones entranced by the sound to the water harp. Any living creature that touches the water harp will be wrapped by it and their life will be choked from them.

Membrane - A grayish membrane that, when wrapped around people, makes perfects duplicates of them. The Dark Water Forces use them to copy May and Miska in the Colossal Tree.

Transparent  Membrane - A thin, trasparent membrane used by the Dark Water Forces. It is impermeable to water, yet allows air to pass through it. Taki and May are wrapped in this when the Dark Water Forces dangle them by the waterfall as bait for D and Baron Byron Balazs.

Vat - A container that would easily accommodate five or six people, filled to the very brim with water. Galil, leader of the Dark Water Forces, has heard that soaking a Noble in water for a full day will destroy them. But he has a different torture in mind for Miska Drake. His me put Miska into water, then add a special acid mad for torturing Nobles. What Follows is some of the messiest buisness in the entire series.

Torturing Acid - A special acid used when torturing Nobles, created by Nobles themselves. While it can't completely destroy a Noble, when added to a large vat of water, it will put them through hellish torment. This acid affects only the flesh, leaving clothing unharmed. Dark Water Forces leader Galil uses it to torture Miska Drake. What Galil does to miska with his blade is like something out of a Tatantino Film.