A pair of giant dead trees that mark the entrance to the desert. Between them, Bingo Bullow waits alongside Granny Viper's wagon for D

Desert of No Return
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Noble Research Center

Master of the Desert




Circular Area


Living Desert


Over 2,000


Outer Frontier


Living Desert




Powers and Abilities
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Pilgrimage of the Sacred and Profane

Hideyuki Kikuchi
A living desert that along with the Desert Town  hail from the Outer Frontier. It's said to swallow those who cross it..


By traveling through this desert, the distance from the deserted town to the town of Barnabas can be covered in four days----supposing a traveler lives long enough to do so. It takes about a week to go the long way around the desert. The sky visible only once every fifty odd years. Despite the lack of direct sunlight, the heat of the desert is inescapable during the day. At night the tempurature drops. The true form of the desert is a Noble research center now in the ruins, guarded by sandstroms. Research on combining humans and Nobility was apparently conducted there. Even after the research ended, the machinery continued to function, and the desert developed a will of it's own and evolved as a result. But what the desert trully longs for is rest, and to that end it provokes D and the group, till D grants that desire.

Deep Blue TreesEdit

Two enormous trees that stand to either side of the gate leading from the Desert Town to the Desert of No Return. Looking like thousands of giant serpents twisted together, the trunk of each has countless cracks running through it. There are no smaller branches, twigs, or leaves. The two trees died ages ago.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

As a living desert it controls all aspects of itself, Tornados, increasing heat, black butterflies and other creatures.

'Telepathy- 'The psi attack D weathers is five thousand rigels , which is enough to drive the entire population of a sizable city mad in a millisecond.It can cast illusions, and combine it with physical creations from itself that are real and will cause physical damage.


Globes of Light

Immortal Bandits

Black Butterflies

Sand men

Moving Forest

Spider people

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