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"So glad you could come, man known as D. I wish we could sit down and have a drink in recognition of your long and wearying trip, but I'm afraid neither of us in a position to do so. The least I can do is make your death an easy one. Or should I say your Destruction?"--Lord Vlad

"Death or destruction----that's a distinction a human would make. Either one is fine, but do you think you can do either to us?"

Left HandPale Fallen Angel|[src]]]

Refers to the complete annihilation of a being. While death could be considered the destruction of mortal beings this refers to beings that are either immune, can regenerate/resurrect through unnatural means, or artificial beings who may not have been considered "alive" in the first place, where the term refers to them no longer functioning.

There are beings that can cause instant destruction or "death" of mortal and more durable beings such as use of the Akashic Record, Gaskell's "Erasure", the Big Bang Accelerator, cutting through the Fountain of Life, etc.

" Those who have tasted death already should no longer fear it. Imbued once more with false life, it is meet should continue the fray. You have died once more...Is it so splendid, to rise over and over to taste true death time and again? You and I are truly fated to battle for all eternity in this bloody conflict, denied both death and life. What have I imparted to you...My only success?"
Sacred Ancestor[[ARMAGEDDON|[src]]]