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Destructive Capacity is simply the capacity of a character to cause destruction and to give you a general idea of how powerful a character is. It is useful for scaling the power of a character and is the most common method in various media and power scaling threads (Deadliest Fictional Warrior, Outskirts Battledome,  etc.)  of determining how much damage a character can dish out, but it is not absolute, since destruction of certain things such as cities requires range, and some attacks like focused lasers might not even qualify as, say, building busters even though they are much more damaging than the punch of someone who takes down a building in one go. Even still, it's useful for a general comparison and placing characters into leagues. Destructive capacity is based on the ability to destroy with a single attack.

Destructive Capacity Levels:

Particle cannon punching through Earth and the moon.

Below Street Level+

Street Level+

Wall/Tree Level+

Small Building Level+

Large Building Level+

Examples: Count Magnus Lee, Rei-Ginsei, and Baron Meinster

City Block Level+

Examples: Baron Schuma, Yuma and Mayerling

Town/Small City Level+


Examples: D, Vlad Balazs, Roland, the Duke of Xenon, Grand Duke Mehmet,and Groveck Marcus.

Island Level+

Examples: Lord Johann, The Trail Magician and Dr. Gretchen

Country Level+

Continent Level+

Examples: General Gaskell, Lord Rocambole, and Lawrence Valcua. Possibly D?

Moon Level+

Planet Level+

Examples: Lawrence Valcua, the Sacred Ancestor a few of the God characters, the proton reactor in Muma, and as well as the weaponry used by the Nobility and OSB.

Lower Stellar Level+

Stellar/Solar System Level+

Examples: UNV Spaceship

Small Galaxy Level+

Galactic Level+

Galactic Cluster Level+

Universal Level+

Examples: the Akashic Record, the Sacred Ancestor, Elder God, all gods, Destroyer, Lawrence Valcua and Valcua Two. Possibly the Guide and the Big Bang Accelerator.

Multiversal Level+

Megaversal Level+

Omniversal Level+