Vampire Hunter D Wiki

A ghost town along the Central highway. A heavy rainstorm makes D's group stop there to rest, and they enter a brick meetinghouse roughly in the center of the village. An elevated wooden sidewalk runs under the caves of the buildings. There's a shrine not far from the meeting house. Two blocks south of the meeting house is a house of worship. A palisade surrounds the village. There's a river nearby that's a hundred yards wide. Though strong wooden bridges once spanned the river, they've alll rotted or been washed away. Crossing the river entails going much further upstream to a rope bridge or using a ferry. In the forrest on the village's northern outskirts stand's a Colossal Tree that's centuries old. The tree's been hollowed out to make a passageways and rooms of various sizes, and it has served as a watchtower, an evacuation center, a tower for an airfield, and a storehouse. Inside it are two and three story high structures. To the north of the village, there's also an old airfield that belonged to the Nobility.

Nobility Airfield[]

A field located north of the village of Diemli. Thou it's been abandoned for centuries, automated maintenace systems keep it clean and operational. It's so vast it doesn't seem like it could simply be an arrival and eparture terminal. The tunnel Baron Byron Balazs makes to escap from the omnidirectional pocket reverses the imprisoning energies, causing the airfield to be destroyed fifty-nine seconds later.

House of Worship[]

In the village of Diemli, a house of worship stands two blocks south of the meeting house, The three-story building has bars over the windows on the first two floors,  and was only occupied by a care taker at night when the village was populated.