"You a cyborg? Your stomach kept its functionality, but got a dimensional pocket that lets it double as storage--that's a pretty tricky operation!"―Left Hand

"I had a really good doctor, *laughs* pay enough and there's nothing he wouldn't do. Mine's for stashing merchandise, but he did all kinds of operations on some folks. He was so busy, he just keeled over a couple months back. Couldn't even spare enough time to work on himself."

PikkThrong of Heretics|[src]]]

A dimensional pocket is a technology that is used as an accessory or attachment for Cyborgs. It is usually housed in the stomach area for a man while women may replace their womb with it or it is placed in the womb so that it maintains its original functionality but can double for making use of a small pocket dimension. This can be used as storage but a pocket dimension can have a variety of many other uses as well other than storage.

Pikk has work on his body done making him into a cyborg that has this technology in his stomach.

The Weapons Master of Razin seems to have her womb replaced with something similar to this technology that houses the WMR Secret Weapon X.

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