"It's everywhere. But also nowhere. I simply spoke the truth. There's no other way to save someone who's seen their doppelganger and fallen into a coma except to have them drink the blood of the Sacred Ancestor."
DorleacBedeviled Stagecoach|[src]]]

A being that looks exactly like some one else. Most of them are projections that commit malicious acts against the wishes of the person they mimic, in many cases they're that person's negative side. Such creatures aren't particularly rare on the Frontier. Apparently ones made mystically by the Nobility and their creatures or vampires made by them can make ones that can only be killed by another person that doesn't have their appearance. If the person kills their own doppelganger they too will die after going into a coma. Only those of The Sacred Ancestor's Direct Bloodline can revive themselves or those who have drank the blood of the Sacred Ancestor

Living Desert can create this with its power.

Rosaria seems to have the ability to project a doppleganger while she sleeps. See doppelganger machine.

Haunt Birds made by Duke Sergei V. Sinistre can use their mystical power to create as many of these as they wish.

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