Mia Simon in Twin-Shadowed Knight  has the ability to make a copy of herself using a decoy spell which forms the body made of particulates in the air plus the proteins expelled through her own original body's pores. Depending on how much of herself she puts into the image is how accurate it will be in. The more she puts into it the more affected and pain she will be. Physically she will be safe.

"Not even the superkeen senses of a dhampir can see through my pack of duplicates."
Viscount AlbidozenIriya the Berserker|[src]]]

Pack of Duplicates- Viscount Albidozen can make a perfect copy of himself that can be nearly as powerful as the original or of other people as well. He can also seemingly make an endless amount of them which even the keen senses D has can't discern a difference. These duplicate also have all his abilities and he can be as far away from the duplicate as he wishes to be. He uses them in tandem with his illusions and prismatic fog.

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