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Fisher Lagoon tries his Liquid Metal Armor against D

Fisher Lagoon
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Sacred Ancestor's Bastard Son






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Sacred Ancestor's
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Pale Fallen Angel

Hideyuki Kikuchi

Proprietor of Fisher Lagoon's. A bald giant of a man with one eye, he's the man who buys Taki and May from Zanus, and who hires the Black Masks to guard D. There are rumors that say he's the bastard son of a Noble.


Thirty years ago, when he was just a punk, he met the Sacred Ancestor in Krauhausen. He can run his house of ill repute right under the nose of the local Noble because he has the Sacred Ancestor's protection. The Sacred Ancestor collected Lagoon's seed to use in his experiments, and in return gave the man the knowledge to make the machines like the Big Bang Accelerator. Lagoon keeps his giant machines stashed in a warehouse on Thorton Street in Krauhausen. He wears a liquid metal suit when he's out getting into trouble and drives a car that looks like a beetle. He has an airship, and his private security forces are the real peacekeepers in Krauhausen. He also served as a body guard for Miska Drake's Grandfather, Cornelius Drake, when he visited Lord Vlad Balazs. As as result, he holds an ancient metal censer that rightfully belongs to Miska. It's been twenty years since he last met Lord Vlad.


Fisher Lagoon's favorite out of his dozen or so girlfriends.

Mireille Lubedeck[]

Director of the Lubeck Clinic. She's a tall woman. Apparently she's an old friend of Krauhausen village's very own Fisher Lagoon

Fisher Lagoon's[]

A towering mansion at the western extreme of the village of Krauhausen. In terms of scale, it's a far cry from the castle Lord Vlad Balazs has in the center of the town, but on the other hand, it's every bit as opulent. Every night richly colored lams light more than a hundred windows, while everything from the strains of classic instruments like the violin, harp, cello, and oboe to electronic music patterned after that of the Nobility flows serenely from the structure. No expense has been spared in procuring the finest furnishings, food, and drink from the capital--to say nothing of the supple women. The village of Krauhausen maintains the greatest stock of resources in the region, and it is for this reason that it has a constant stream of visitors, not only from neighboring villages, but from far across the Frontier as well. Due to sexual stimulants mixed into their daily meals and aphrodisiacs in the incense that even now fills the air, any woman who spends a week there becomes a slave to carnal cravings that came from with in, smothering the will to escape and leaving them animalistic bitches in heat who did as their master and his clients commanded and pleasured them in any way they desired. And although there were naturally many clients who sought that sort of woman, the calls were even louder virgins pure as the white driven snow.  The penthouse on the roof has a special suite. Nearly sixty feet deep, The pond in the center of the garden is used when bathing beauties put on show for patrons in a subterranean viewing room. There's an airport to the north of Fisher Lagoon's where airships can land and take off. The windows of the mansion are covered with bars even a Noble can't get through. It has an isolation chamber underground. Although it's really a jail for holding captives, its really a jail to hold Taki after she's been bitten by Lord Vlad Balazs. There are a number of special event rooms, such as the "shock bath" and the "jelly-dance room," and the building is constantly under construction to create fresh amusements. New girls are brought in once a week. While Fisher Lagoon's scouts visit neighboring villages and even go all the way to the Capital, many women also come knocking when they hear rumors he's recruiting.

Sacred Ancestor's Protection[]

A code that shelters Fisher Lagoon. When a great vampire laid down the law, it was as follows:

"Firstly, the villagers aren't to be drained of their blood. Secondly, so long as Fisher Lagoon is in charge of the night time amusements, he's to be given free reign."
Sacred AncestorPale Fallen Angel|[src]]]

There are apparently other rules as well, though Fisher Lagoon doesn't elaborate. This is the reason why Lord Vlad doesn't do anything about Lagoon's establishment.

Weapons and Assets[]

Lagoon's Car- A stocky, metallic vehicle reminiscent of a beetle. D hears the sound of its engine as it approaches.It's equipped with hydraulic brakes and gull-wining doors. Lagoon, you built a time machine out of a DeLorean?

Lagoon's Weapon- A glowing ball of light Fisher Lagoon launches a Duke Siun Greed during the duke's battle with D. When it makes contact, it explodes into sparks, and fog-like  material is scattered across the surface of the duke's dark-cloud. The attack is enough to draw a grunt of pain from Duke Greed.

Liiquid-Metal Suit- The silvery armor worn by Fisher Lagoon. The suit can cover him in a millisecond, leaving him featureless, silvery figure. The suit's molecular arrangement can be altered at will, at times absorbing shocks like water, while at other times become ultra hard armor to repulse blows. The suit also gives lagoon enough strength to crush a boulder. Lagoon boasts that only a certain person's sword can pierce this armor. However, D's sword also splits it in two, making it dissolve away.

Particle Cannon- The weapon that the peace keeping forces use against Vince. It fires a beam that looks like a streak crimson. Unlike a laser beam, it also completely melts a wise area around the point where it makes contact.

Deep Subteranean Drill- Made of Orichalcum  it's Stored in the Warehouse on Thorton Street. The material allows it to pierce the earth's mantle and return unscathed.

Orichalcum- A mysterious metal said to have been created in the legendary continint in the eastern sea in ancient times----Atlantis.

Gold Bars

Power Station

Refinery- brought in his own ramaterials to help him build his creations.

Lagoon's Factory- Manufactured all his creations here.

Warehouse-  Warehouse on Thorton Street. His secret hide out("bat cave").

Big Machines

Fisher Lagoon's

Power Shovel- One of the enormous machines stored in the ware house on Thornton Street in the village of Krauhausen. Built by Fisher Lagoon, based on theories taught to him by the Sacred Ancestor, it has a bucket fixed at the end of a rough, 150-foot arm that looks like it could reduce a city block to dust in a mere five minutes. How this and all the other devices fir in an area "nearly large enough to hold a five-story building" is a mystery.

Collapsible Glider -  What D uses to sneak into Lord Vlad's Castle. Fisher Lagoon supplies the device, which has a twenty-foot wingspan and is almost fifteen feet long. The scales from flying beasts that are attached to the wings make it simple to correct for the force and speed of the wind, so that even a child could easily enjoy an extended flight through the sky.D takes the wings from the glider and uses them on a cyborg horse to fly across an enormous hole on the Plain of Slaughter. Dhampir on a homemade cyborg pegasus----does it get any better?

Lagoon's Airship-  Filled with hydrogen for buoyancy, Fisher Lagoon's airship is the hue of darkness. The frame was fashioned from metal alloys using the "knowledge" from the Nobility, making it resilient enough to withstand the shock of a blow. It's equipped with a searchlight and a loud-speaker.

Robot Dog

Big Bang Accelerator







Jelly Dancers

Sexual Entertainers


Peacekeeping Forces

Robot Dog

Fisher Lagoon's Scouts

Black Masks