"The mysterious tableau Gianne had witnessed a short time earlier flashed into her brain like lightning. As the left hand that'd consumed the entire ceramic pitcher told D that water and earth should be enough, the Hunter’s sword had flashed out, and Langlan's fold in space—something a nuclear weapon wouldn't be able to scratch, had been broken. What was this gorgeous young man? For the first time Gianne had felt true fear."
―NarratorIriya the Berserker|[src]]]

The ability to make space fold back in on itself. Whether it was through technology or an ability given, Count Langlan gives this power to Gianne where she momentarily traps D in a room so she can have a conversation uninterrupted with him. Through the four elements collected: fire, air, water, and earth Left Hand gives D the power to cut through this space where a nuke man made or Noble made could not even put a scratch in it.

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