"Yes, this is an invader from far beyond the Milky Way! As you are no doubt aware, since Earth was first created, countless aliens have visited it. Of them all, none ever held more sinister intentions than these."
Devil Duke GilzenWhite Devil Mountain|[src]]]

A kind of alien that was captured and experimented on by Duke Gilzen used to combine the DNA with Nobles. They are described as bizarre creatures, of about six feet eight, the body having four arms stained with a hue that could only be described as bluish green, though that was far from accurate. Its body closely resembled that of a human, but its muscles were braided like wires and the location and form of its joints were hardly what we would call normal. That probably determined the directions its limbs could turn. Its face was as long as a horse's, but sunken in the enter. Compared to its strangely large and almost perfectly circular eyes, its nose and the cruciform split that was apparently its mouth were very small, like a baby's, so that while the teeth visible in its maw were keen as a beast's, they could actually be termed cute due to their tiny size.

Their armor consisted of a tangle of silvery-gray wires. They aliens where were carrying something resembling a crossbow on their back that mounted itself on their shoulders when active, they had a longsword sheathed on it's right hip and on their left hip a weapon that could only be a pistol with a grip mounted on the front which shot green rays. They also carried a seemingly baton-like weapon, that in actuality could extend into a full fledged spear. It's head and neck were covered by a domed mask. perhaps it was this mask that lent the creature its inhuman sense of menace; there wasn't a single bump or recess on it. Apparently it's mask was responsible for sight, hearing and the other senses. Their cries could unleash supersonic waves that can torture eardrums

Their race developed most of the technology adopted by Gilzen including Memory Time, True Immortality, and many other things. These aliens-like humans have the ability to resist domination of the mind when given the Kiss of Nobility, though to a much higher degree and frequency than humans, termed Half-Awake. Physically they appear stronger than most Nobles and their DNA when combined in the way Gilzen does it allows the hybrid to walk in the Daytime and give them many added abilities.

There where four aliens running loose during the Gilzen incident, three of them where Half-Awake and ran an agenda of their own, but one was compliant to Gilzen. Two aliens where identified by the colors of their cape.

  • Crimson Cape (the alien master of Crey)
  • Green Cape
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