Some of the most vicious and fearsome of all the demonic creatures and beasts inhabit the Frontier. Their attacks are entirely mental, and reverse their opponent's subconscious beliefs-----any attack their foe believes successful will fail. Some have a human form, some are no more than bleached bones clad in ragged garments, some have two heads, some are covered with eyes, and some have dozens of squirming arms and legs. Every one of them is half transparent and gives off a white phosphorescence, as do their mounts. Their glowing nature makes them noticeable at quite a distance. They have a hypnotic gaze, the paralyzing effects of which can be countered by wearing dark goggles. One of their attacks passes right through D's blade to strike its target.  The pursue the coach carrying the young acrobats May and Hugh to the Talos Arsenal where they have the misfortune to encounter the Destroyer.

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