"That's right....their gladiator bugs. Recent weather anomalies and frequent geological shifts have caused changes in the home ranges of some creatures. This must be one of them. Usually they make their nests up in attics, so we'll just have to watch out."
LiliaWhite Devil Mountain|[src]]]

As the name suggests, these insects used real three-foot-long swords. Needless to say, they weren't a product of the natural world. Nobles in the Western Frontier had created them for their own amusement, monsters born in their laboratories to do battle with human slaves. After the fall of the Nobles' civilization, most of them were exterminated, but it was said the less than ten percent that escaped into the Frontier gave rise to the hundreds of thousands that now lived there. As specialists in combat, the Nobles had input formidable swordsmanship skill into the bugs' brains.

Gladiator bugs look like enormous ocher colored insects and kind of resembled a caterpillar, but the difference lies within their six bristle-covered legs, the two nearest its head were shaped like human's, and each of them, as mentioned before, is armed with a sword.

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