"This is the enchanted sword Glencalibur. Nothing can withstand its edge. Sacred Ancestor, I have returned after five millennia. And from this moment forward, Nobles and humans alike will fear the night. I swear it on the name of the Ultimate Noble driven off to the stars along with my entire domain by none other than the Sacred Ancestor—as sure as my name is Lawrence Valcua, third master of the house of Valcua."
Lawrence ValcuaTyrant's Stars 3-4|[src]]]

Lord Valcua's choice of weapon is the magical golden sword, Glencalibur. It wasn't made out of metal, but
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Ultimate Noble unleashing Glencalibur

rather seemed to be an ion-like substance that had undergone additional chemical treatment. He can call it forth from a pocket dimension and put it away at any time. It cuts open space sending foes through. It not only opens a space it connects to any place Valcua chooses. One such place he sends foes is King Minos's Labyrinth.
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