Refers to the powers of God level characters in VHD universe.

They Include:

Physical Stats of a God- Well beyond all Greater Nobles except the Sacred Ancestor

Intelligence-Can not be measured

Physical Strength- Nearly unlimited

Speed- Nearly unlimited

Stamina-Nearly unlimited

Agility-Nearly unlimited

Balance-Nearly unlimited

Experience- Can not be measured

Ability to cut the Fount of life

Access to the Akashic Record

- Being a god it is basically a confirmation in itself they have access where they can read, write, and change it  according to their will.


- Ability to travel or teleport others over great distances. Combined with materialization and omnipresence it is on a whole other level.

Dimensional Travel


Physical Law Immunity




Word of God

Hand of God

Pillar of God

Fear of God

Wrath of God

Power of God

Inspire Hate

Destructive Capacity= Universal+

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