Mentioned in the novel Noble V: Greylancer, the god known influence on the OSB seems to be in some confusion.


The Theological Institute and Phenomena Bureau report that if the OSB find spirituality, thier god might be able to discover vampire weaknesses to holy artifacts. But the Nobles believed they need not concern themselves with this. Their religion has only achieved a penetration factor of twenty percent to eighty percent for scientific world view. Meaning that most don't believe in the OSB god by their estimation. They believe it would take some time before they consider the supernatural. All estimation says a millenium.

But another Noble account held secret from most is from Cornelius, Chansellor of the Privy Council. Based on a perverse view of the Sacred Ancestor's prophecy of the Nobility's decline, he made provisions through back channels for the complete surrender of the Noble race to the OSB. But the OSB, according to him, refused because the aliens proclaimed that their interstellar conquest was the will of thier god. This conflict was about shedding a ray of civilization onto the ignorant masses, who understood nothing of their god. It was this reason according to him that the OSB rejected their offer for truce, and the war continued. But five days ago, a faction occupying a stronghold vital to the OSB conquest secretly declared their willingness to negotiate a cease fire. They reached an agreement for peace that is tenative on which the planet comes under OSB rule. The Ultimate Mind, also known as the Sacred Ancestors' will, predicted and informed Cornelius as such, as well as Meyerling. It seems the Sacred Ancestor had left Lord Greylancer with the task of opposing this and putting it down.

If the belief in this god is so limited by the OSB, which goes along with what is most known about them, being science based civilization, it is fair to say he may not have much willingness to aid or empower them for their ends.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Physical Stats of a God- Well beyond all Greater Nobles except the Sacred Ancestor

Access to the Akashic Record - Being a god it is basically a confirmation in itself he has access where he can read, write, and change it  according to his will.

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