Lord Vlad appears at the crater with his Scepter 001.jpg
Lord Vlad appears at crater to destroy Vince

Only three feet long, the scepter stretches====the part extending was a golden spear head set with crimson stones. The spear is made out of some unknown form of coalesced energy.

While the Destroyer is in Vince it is able to envelop it's self in blue light  that takes  the blast from theBig Bang Accelerator negating power described as what created the universe. It is able to fire from his finger tips a  [article of light the same size as the big bang accelerator's which erases it from existing leaving only heat shimmers in it's place. Lord Vlad's scepter was able to negate it's energy and kill Vince inhabited destroyer.

Duke Gilzen also has this Scepter. A golden scepter that extends to a spear, with a black jewel at top that fires a jet black blast capable of blasting through many floors of his enhanced synthetic stone castle that through technology have made it durable where by the Noble enhanced nuclear weapons only do negligible damage in comparison.It may have the same or more powerful properties of Lord Vlad's.

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