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"'Test subjects, I take it. Did they get out with that last jolt, or are they just phantoms? Doesn't matter either way, I guess. Just let 'em be. They've got their own lives to lead--as the living dead, though. Pee-yew! I smell something burning. Hurry up."
Left HandThrong of Heretics|[src]]]

Over five thousand years, Countess Genevieve Vasa and Grand Duke Drago was ordered by the Sacred Ancestor to experiment on countless subjects that were locked later in their basement. They are described as countless figures had gathered around Shank Pomerolo. They were staring at D and his left hand. Their skin was pale, their eyes charged with lunacy, their limbs twisted, and their bellies trailing innards.

Pomerolo, like the rest, was considered a failure. But Polmerolo is considered a chosen one due to him being selected by the Sacred Ancestor and worked on manipulating his genes by him first hand. How many others were worked on by the Sacred Ancestor is unknown. The group would not be considered chosen ones since they aren't specifically named to have been worked on like Polmerolo was.

Many of their souls were trapped inside of the sword made by the Sacred Ancestor called Blue Blood.