"As Unconventional as the Western Frontier overseer may be, its impossible that he is shielding his entire dominion with a gravitational barrier! It can't be done with out the Capital's galactic energy changer."--Thorzack Yanzarlai

"Then Vlijmen Mayerling must have procured a copy of the very same device."

Supreme Commander Duchess MircallaNoble V: Greylancer|[src]]]

A barrier of gravitational energy that guards against most attacks. May just be a setting of a Nobility Force Field.

The Noble Greylancer uses one to protect House Greylancer. Due to his Stealth Technology, it is not detectable to outside forces, and takes Nobility nukes with any affect.

Vlijmen Mayerling used one to protect against the Capital's weapons and later the entire Counterinsurgency Forces. Greylancer breaks through with his Air Chariot though with ease with out detection due to his Stealth Technology.

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