"Going to turn to water and make your escape? You can't. You can't fight the energy my spear contains. This spear was meant to slay Valcua, and it's invested with the power of the Sacred Ancestor."
Count BraujouTyrant's Stars|[src]]]
Count Braujou's twenty foot long spear, has a tip that runs a third of the length, and although it seemed like it
Count Braujou vs Speeny scan0001

Count Braujou vs Speeny

would be highly impractical toy or decoration, such would be the case only if this weapon were in the hands of an ordinary person. The spear is made of a super dense alloy of unknown metal and infused with energy. The spear makes use of The Sacred Ancestor's Technology seemingly to disrupt the molecules of even those who have molecular manipulation abilities. It may have some of the Sacred Ancestor's power infused in it. It with stood millions of tons of force with out breaking, just bending.

The Caretaker also has a spear that is at least 15 feet long it uses as its main weapon. Its unknown whether its a spear made by the Sacred Ancestor or a random spear from the many zombies that jumped into the hole in the beginning.

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