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Groveck Marcus
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Older than 23


Vampire Hunter


Father/John Elbourne
Alan Elbourne


Borgoff Marcus (Brother)
Nolt Marcus (Brother)
Kyle Marcus (Brother)
Leila Marcus (Sister)

Powers and Abilities

First Appearance

Demon Deathchase
Volume 3
VHD: Bloodlust

Hideyuki Kikuchi

Groveck Marcus (グローヴ・マーカス) is a member of the Marcus Clan and the middle brother of the siblings.


"...a rosy-cheeked young man smiled brightly. It was an angelic smile, the kind anyone would return without thinking twice."

Normally he looks like a dying man, sick in bed. But when he suffers a seizure, he takes another form, the appearance of a young man brimming with vitality. Under a gentle wave of his forelock touching his brow, his face is strong and has a healthy tone with innocent eyes.


In the novel he (like the other clan members) is very aggressive to most, but subservient to his brothers because of his sickness. He is proud and loyal to the family, but is every bit as abusive to Leila when he gets the chance as seen in being described as raping her in the past.

In the movie he is a very kind and caring person. He has a deep love for his family and is particularity protective of Leila like a sister. He also appears to be much less interested in fighting and conflict in general, only resorting to such actions when needed. He is a very prudent person and seeks to institute this prudent thoughtfulness on others in the group to keep everyone as safe as possible. Leila seems to trust and confide in him more than any of the other members.


He hasn’t even been able to walk or anything since the day he was born. In the village of Vishnu, he dispatches five hundred attacking zombie vampires in less than a second. He's basically the Marcus Clan's secret weapon, but each seizure drains life out of him. During the pursuit of Mayerling, Groveck's real body dies. He protects Charlotte from Mashira and later on dies from Mashira-possessed Borgoff planting a small bomb on him to induce another seizure. During his last two seizures, Groveck's other self sees the girl both smiling and suffering.

Powers and Abilities[]

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Grovek may have been enhanced physically like the others in the novel, but left sickly from repeated use of his abilities, which require him to induce a seizure or experience a seizure naturally. When this occurs he takes on a spirit form in both the novel and the movie which affords him flight and the ability to shoot blasts of mystical energy from all parts of this form as well as rendering him immune to all forms of physical assault.

Spirit Form



Other Media Adaptations[]

Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust[]

He is quite different in the movie, he is more concerned for Leila and his death occurs when his body is unable to handle the strain of repeated use of the serum to cast his spirit to help the others. It is also strongly hinted that he may have been in love with Leila.

Vampire Hunter D video game[]

In the Video Game, Groveck warns Leila of a new threat, only to be found in his bed with a large slash in his back and a C written in blood on the bed



  • (To Leila) "Leila . . . you’re not gonna listen . . . to what that guy said, are you? You wouldn’t listen to that guy . . .go off and leave me and the others . . . now would you, Leila? Don’t you forget about . . . you-know-what... Don’t you ever forget that, Leila. You belong to all of us.".[1]


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