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"When they learned that the girl they’d bitten and left behind had become a Hunter and was out to get them, he alone was delighted. At that point his compatriots had a half—serious meeting about how to stave off her attack, and he was the only one who failed to attend. Not only that, but he hired me—and others—to secretly keep her and her friends safe! Five, all told. Did you think the girl had slain all those Nobles on her own? Most were actually slain by her guardians."
GianneIriya the Berserker|[src]]]

An occupation that entails a variety of jobs including providing support for others in battle as its main function, but also Assassin, bodyguard, hunter, reconnaissance, and other jobs as they come up. It is a job warriors may take on. It may also be a title Nobles use for human warriors they hire.

Count Langlan hired Iriya and four others to act as support for Iriya as she gets revenge on those who killed her family.